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Womanhood Series.

Being a woman can be hard, but luckily we don't have to do it alone!  The "Womanhood Series" is a blog series that I started in order to share my experiences as a woman, and to create a community of women that want to do womanhood right. Each week, I will release a new blog on a different topic. These topics will range from loving yourself to relationships. Each blog post will also have corresponding worksheets (if you're interested in deeper reflection). These worksheets can be found below. 
When I thought about writing this womanhood series, I knew that I wanted to talk about things that I’m currently walking through or have already overcome. I had a few topics in mind that seemed fitting to discuss, but they were issues that I’m still trying to navigate myself, and I didn’t want to be that person-- you know what I mean-- the one who tries to tell people what to do or how to act when they’re still clearly struggling with the same thing, probably even more than the other girl. I didn’t want to be that girl. It is my hope that through this series you are inspired to embrace womanhood and be the best woman that you can be. 
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