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The Comparison Game: Final Week- THE COMPARISON CHALLENGE

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In the final week of this series, I wanted to firstly remind you all that you are not alone. The point of this series was to let you know that we are all in this together. We all struggle with this comparison issue, and the fight for freedom is not easy; however, freedom is possible. My comparison story can be messy and sometimes unpredictable, but within the mess, there is still beauty. God never fails to remind me that He is on the journey with me, and that every step I make takes me closer to freedom from this giant. As we close this series together, I want to leave you all with a challenge. Each day of the week, I encourage you to carry out these simple tasks, and I pray that, just like me, these small steps will take you a step closer to freedom.


Day #1

Compliment someone!

(You can send them a message via social media, or let them know in person. The goal is to get out of “me” mode, and encourage or uplift someone else.)

Day #2

Share something that you like about someone who you often compare yourself to.

(When you do this, you don’t have to let the person know that you often compare yourself to them. This isn’t the goal. The goal is to break free from seeing yourself in competition with this person and to celebrate the thing that you often envy in them.)

Day #3

Share with someone you trust about why it is that you have a tendency to compare yourself to other women/men.

(If you aren’t comfortable sharing with anyone in your life at the moment, have a one on one with Jesus pertaining this issue in your life.)

Day #4

Write down a list of people that you have a tendency to compare yourself to and why you believe you often compare yourself to these people. After you do so, pray for these people.

(This can be very uncomfortable, but the more that you challenge yourself in this area, the easier it will become.)

Day #5

Re-read the Comparison series and go through the worksheets.

Day #6

Share your growth in the comment section under the Final Week.

(For instance, you can share some of the things you did and what you learned.)

Day #7

Commit to continuing the journey to becoming comparison free.

(Remember that this is a journey. Healing won’t happen overnight, so committing to continue this journey means that you will live everyday with intention to overcome this comparison giant. You can do it. With God, all things are possible!)

Of course I won't give you a challenge without first challenging myself as well. I made sure to carry out every task, and I can tell you first hand that a few of them will be more difficult than the rest. Being completely honest with yourself can be tough, and breaking free from our "me" mentality can be even tougher; but, like I said before, a small step can lead to freedom! We can do this! Don't give up on the journey. We are all in this together, and most importantly, God is with you!

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