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Self-Love Series- Week #2- Guest Article: Lucy's Story

Updated: May 15, 2020

I have been searching for the right words for a week to write concerning self love. I wanted my article to sound something like: "7 Ways to Loving Yourself Better". But, you know what? They would all be a lie.

I would be a phony if I sat behind this screen and told you that I have this whole self love thing figured out. I'd be lying if I didn't confess that loving myself is something that I am learning to do daily, if I didn't tell you I am my own worst critic. For instance, last year, I really struggled with my body image. I remember texting one of my girlfriend's concerning this and she was like, "What are you talking about? You have the most beautiful curvy body ever! I love your hips. What's wrong with you!?" But, I didn't feel beautiful at the time.

I didn't have a flat tummy and I thought that my thighs and butt were too big. I would just look at the mirror and not like what I saw. So, I started working out and made the decision to eat healthier foods. The thing is, I didn't do this from a healthy place. What I really wanted was to attain a "perfect" body. This is just one example of how loving myself has been.

I hate when I make mistakes.

I hate trying new things and failing.

I get uncomfortable meeting new people because I fear I won't fit in.

But, I am learning.

I am learning to extend some grace to myself. I am learning that perfection is not something that is attained.  I am learning that I am work in progress. I am learning to love the person I am now, no matter how imperfect. I am learning to love the girl who edits her articles five times when they are already published (lol). I am learning to love this beautiful, curvy body that God gave me. I am learning that I can't wait to love some imaginary perfect Lucy to be, but I must learn to love the Lucy who currently hasn't figured everything out and that's okay. I'm sorry if you opened this article hoping to find some magical advice about self love, only to find a girl being vulnerable about her struggles with loving herself. But, I am all about being real.

Truth be told, we all have a story. That girl or guy that you envy on social media has a story that hasn't been told. It probably took twenty shots to find that "perfect" picture that now has tons of likes. In fact, that "perfect" picture may have a backstory that tells of loneliness, despite having achieved so much. That very person with so many followers may have tons of insecurities, doubts, fears of not being accepted and the longing of a soul that wants to be loved and feel valued.

So, I might not have given you the kind of advice that you were looking for, but I will refer you to a book. A book that I have been reading everyday just to remind me of who I am: The BIBLE. The words of your Maker. In there, you will find your identity. You will find who you really are and whose you are. You will discover the love of a person who will love you, even if everything was stripped away.

You will discover that you are more than that the title that the world has given you.




Lucy is an avid writer and blogger from Nairobi, Kenya.

Connect with Lucy!

Facebook: @Lucy Blessed

Blogger: @ One Grateful Leper [ ]

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