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Relationship Series Week #5 -Guest Article: "Til' Death Do Us Part"

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

A marriage to the love of my life was something I’ve always wanted.

However, after witnessing the many turmoils that others faced in their marriages, the idea of ever getting married became unappealing overtime. I could not envision myself being unhappy, miserable and unfulfilled in a marriage like the people that I saw around me. For me, marriage meant “til' death do us part”, which clearly ruled out the option of divorce.

I dated my now husband for 15 years before we decided to get married. I know what you're probably thinking...that's such a long time! It was, because we were high-school sweethearts. Throughout our years of dating, he proposed quite a few times, but I always declined, creating the excuse that I needed to finish my education first. The truth was, I loved him and I wanted to marry him, but I feared the idea of a failed marriage.

I guess you might be wondering, what made me decide to take a plunge into the marriage pool that I was so hesitant about? To be honest, I simply sought God and the scriptures for a better understanding on the meaning and purpose of marriage. The most important discovery was that marriage was a covenant between God, myself and my spouse. This meant that God was the glue, the tape, or the chain that connected our union. In order for our marriage to work, I had to cleanse myself of the negative ideals of marriage. Most importantly, I had to understand that all marriages are not the same. They do not all fail and end in divorce. Once I changed my mindset, I was able to see marriage from a new perspective.

To put it quite plainly, a perfect marriage is just a myth. All marriages face challenges. To make a marriage work, both spouses must put in the work and God must be at the center. When I grasped this truth, prayer became the foundation of my marriage and God taught me and my husband how to love each other, be patient with one another, and solve issues using wisdom. Because of our committment to God and each other, we were able to develop a healthy marriage- one that is radically different from the failed examples that I always saw.

My husband and I, like many married couples, have encoutered challenges. For instance, we do not share the same upbringing, therefore, coming under one roof forced us to compromise for our marriage to function. Some compromises were not spontaneous, but took a great deal of conflict and arguments. However, we both understood that “til' death do us part” held a special significance and we wanted our sacred covenant with God to be honored. After 10 years of marriage, I've learned that it is indeed a beautiful covenant that can reap many beautiful blessings once we place God at the center of it.

Our marriage is not perfect, but it is beautiful because God is in the midst of it!


Guest Article Written By: Yuwonka Lafrance

She is an English teacher and lives with her husband and three beautiful children.

Connect with Yuwonka on:

Facebook @ Yuwonka Stubbs- Lafrance

Instagram @ yuwonkaodell

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