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Guest Article: The Fight To Focus

Let’s be real. We live in a world where being a stripper is cool. We live in a world where almost anything immoral or ungodly is celebrated. Just log onto instagram or turn on the news. For women like me; women that desire to live upright and holy, the struggle becomes more real every day. We don’t have much women in the present to look up to either.

By the world’s standards, I’m not relevant. By the world’s standards, I’m not cool. People look at me sideways for even believing in God, how dare I actually live for Him? How dare I not agree with their “liberalism”? How dare I abstain from sexual immorality? How dare I choose to cover my body and not post revealing photos on my social media? How dare I not follow the masses?

The world has applied PRESSURE! As Christians, we are not allowed to have an opinion, “You have what to say? You better shut up with that.” Everyone is “allowed” to have an opinion besides us. It’s like a big high school out here and according to the “cool kids” “We can’t sit with them!”.The fight to focus has gotten real. The fight to live right has gotten harder. Everyday, we are pressured by the world to cower to their will and their way. If you don’t know who you are and if your roots are not truly planted, let me be frank-you WILL lose.

It’s time we figure out what kind of women we want to be and just be her! It’s time to apply that same pressure back onto them. Why do we care so much about what the world has to say about us? In my opinion, we care way too much about people’s approval and acceptance. We are constantly being pulled back and forth between God and the world all because we are trying to keep everyone happy. We are way too old to be entangled with people bongade.

It’s time we get serious with our walks with God. We must fight to focus on what is true. We must fight to focus on what is right. In the midst of a battle, a real soldier doesn’t cower or give up; she fights to the finish. It’s time you find your fight.

Written by: Anonymous Guest Writer

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