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Growth Takes Time

Growth takes time.

This is something that God has taught me in the past few years of my life. If you’re anything like me, then you can be very hard on yourself. You are also overly aware of your faults and the areas of your life that you need to grow in. A few nights ago, I found myself thinking about my growth process. I thought about how long it took for me to overcome certain traits and emotions that were damaging. I was grateful, but I couldn’t help but think about how long it took for the growth and healing to come about. I also thought about how long it was taking for me to overcome other damaging thought patterns that I currently deal with. In the moment, I vividly remember feeling discouraged. My constant prayer has been for healing and wholeness, both physically and emotionally; I wanted so desperately to be free of my issues and I constantly communicated this to God. Yet, because the journey has been taking so long, I began to beat myself up. I felt like because it was taking long, then there must be something that I was doing wrong along the way. I could feel the anxiety rising within me, and the tears were about to flow; however, God quickly spoke to my heart. He reminded me that I must be patient with myself, and that growth takes time.

Oftentimes, the sort of growth that we desire to see will not happen overnight. Of course, God is more than able to do the miraculous in our lives and deliver us from certain situations immediately; yet, there are times when God chooses to walk with us through our journey to healing. This has been my reality. For the past three years, I have been on a journey to healing and wholeness. During this time, I’ve been praying prayers like, “Lord, please show me anything within me that is not pleasing to you, and bring deliverance.”, “Lord, please heal me of any emotional wounds that I may have.”, or, “Lord, please expose any toxic traits or insecurities that I may have. I want to be healed and whole.” I’ve been having many conversations with God about the things that I wrestle with, and the areas of my life where I desire this healing and wholeness. I can honestly say that I’ve seen God work wonders. There have been issues that I’ve been dealing with for years and felt that I could never overcome, yet God brought healing. However, there are other areas that have been taking a little while longer. These are the areas that often bring discouragement.

I’m sure there are many of you reading who understand what this is like. You wish that God would just take all those issues away overnight, so that you can attain that wholeness that you desire; but, can I be honest with you? Even though this journey is hard at times, I’m grateful for it. I’ve experienced first hand, the love, kindness and patience of God. He has been walking with me during this journey, encouraging me to persevere, reminding me to do what He has taught me, and giving me the strength to overcome. On this journey to growth and healing, I’ve developed an intimacy with God that I honestly never would have without this process. Since most of my days are spent talking to Him about my life, what He wants me to do with it, and the things that I need healing from, He has become my friend--the closest person to me. I wish I can share with you everything that He has done in my life during my journey to growth and healing, but I can encourage you to be patient during your own journey. God has you in the palm of His hands (Isaiah 41:10). Continue to ask Him for the help that you need, continue talking to Him about your life. Share with Him everything that’s on your heart about your journey and how you feel about it. Trust that as His child, He hears you when you pray (1 Peter 3:12) , and He will help you grow in the areas that you need growth. We serve a kind Father. This is something that I have proven true during my journey.

He is more than willing and able to bring the healing that we desire; however, we must first trust Him and remember that growth takes time.

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