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Emotional Healing

At the beginning of the year, I prayed for the Lord to bring new wine out of me. I constantly asked Him to remove everything in me that was keeping me from growing. I wanted to be free from anything that was keeping me from experiencing Him in His fullness.

People always say be careful what you pray for. Not long after praying that prayer, all of my “mess” began to surface, and I was confronted with the wounds that I’ve left alone for so many years. I found myself crying out to God, constantly asking Him for help, because it felt like too much for me to bear all at once. The Lord spoke quietly to my heart: “Didn’t you ask for me to bring new wine out of you? How can I put new wine into old wineskins?”

As I sat down in God’s presence, He told me that He needed to expose the wounds in my life so that they can heal. They needed to be exposed because they were the very things that were hindering me in my walk with Him and in my life. One of these wounds was inadequacy. He revealed to me that I had lived with the wound of inadequacy for so long, that it became infected and this infection made me walk away from opportunities that I was qualified for, but never felt good enough to take on.

God reminded me that when we are wounded, we must clean that wound regularly in order for the wound to properly heal. Most of the time, we dread taking off the bandages because cleaning the wound is not only uncomfortable, it is painful. However, exposing the wound and cleaning it is necessary for healing. Many of us walk around with wounds that we refuse to expose and clean. We allow shame and fear of judgement to hinder us from receiving the healing that we so desperately need. Many of us are are asking God to do something new in our lives and to be used by Him, but we’re afraid to face the wounds or the “mess” that deep down keeps us from being completely used by Him- the wounds that hinders our freedom.

Today, I encourage you to allow God to clean those wounds in your life, so that they can properly heal and you can walk in freedom. Yes, the process is difficult and uncomfortable. Yes, it is scary to confront certain areas of your life that you want to leave hidden away, but you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. He wants to heal you of those wounds so that you can walk in freedom. He is healing me; He wants to heal all of us.

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