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Embrace Your Season

A few weeks ago, I was reminded that each and everyone of us are in different seasons of life. Scrolling through YouTube, I ended up coming across a video of a Christian YouTuber who was recently engaged. In the video, she spoke about how she met her husband-to-be and how God orchestrated the entire meeting. As I watched the video, I couldn't help but think about how different the season of life that I'm currently in looks from hers.

When I thought about this though, I didn't feel envious, nor did I feel discouraged, I was just very aware of how different my current season looked from hers. I'm single, still in school, and far away from the thought of marriage and the life changes that comes along with it. As I thought about this though, I realized that that's okay. This season of my life now has its purpose and when the time comes for me to experience those pleasures of life, I'll be ready.

I think that it's so important that we understand the seasons of life that we find ourselves in. Whether it's a season of pruning, a season of growth, a season of separation, a season of self reflection, a season of new and exciting beginnings, etc. We all experience various seasons in our lives and if we don't recognize the season that we're in, it's easy to lose hope. It's easy to covet what other people have. It's easy to become disappointed with where you are now. It's easy to doubt the goodness of God.

I encourage you to ask God what sort of season in life you're currently in, if you don't know already. Then, ask Him for the grace to steward that season well. If I wasn't aware that I'm in a particular season of my life, it would've been very easy to become bitter at God. I'd probably be asking Him why I've yet to meet my future spouse, or why I'm still working tirelessly in school; but, I've realized that God has me where I am and doing what I'm doing for a reason. I've made peace with this season that I'm in because I know that God has a plan. I know that there are things that He's teaching me in this season. There are character flaws that He's pruning. There are important skills that I'm learning in my field. There are areas in my life that I'm growing. There are bad habits that God is ridding me of. I understand now that this season is necessary, no matter how challenging and uncomfortable it can be at times. It's not always easy to navigate, but God always gives me grace to persevere.

Embrace the season that you're in right now. It may not be easy; in fact, it may be very uncomfortable, but ask God for the grace to endure. Don't keep looking at the seasons that other people are in. Focus on where you are now, what God is teaching you, how you are growing, what you are learning. Understand that where you are now and what you're doing is for a reason.

In due time, your season of celebration will come.

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