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Commit to Healing

Healing is always a process.

Whether you are healing from a physical wound, or an emotional wound, it always takes time. As I spent time with God a while ago, I started to think about how difficult the healing process can be most of the time. For instance, since 2017, I have been praying to God to bring healing and wholeness into many areas of my life.The crazy thing is that since praying that prayer, I sometimes feel like everything in my life has gone haywire. There have been so many things that God brought to the surface in my life that were incredibly uncomfortable to confront. There have also been many days where I felt completely and totally in over my head. It felt as though there were too many things in my life that I needed healing from, so I began to wonder if the sort of healing that I desired for my life was possible.

As I wrestled with the thought of giving up on my healing process, I heard the Holy Spirit remind me to commit to healing. When I first heard it, I sort of shrugged it off; but, as I went about my day, I kept hearing that same phrase: Commit to healing. I knew that it was God reminding me to not give up on my journey and to stay the course, no matter how uncomfortable the journey feels at times. He reminded me that healing is a process--and it is not always a glamorous process. It can be very messy and uncomfortable; however, it is necessary. After I resolved to commit to the healing process that God had begun in my life, I began to think about how ridiculous it would have been to give up. Philippians 1:6 says that He who began the good work, will complete it. This means that if God started the healing process in my life, then, He will finish it. Yes, it is still hard. Yes, there are days when I feel more messed up now than I was before, but God always reminds me that I only feel that way because He is bringing to the surface those things that were once hidden in my life-- the toxic traits that were buried deep beneath pretense and pride. He reminded me that He is uprooting the roots that I refused to acknowledge in order for the healing that I desire to come. Healing will take time.

If you’re anything like me, and the process of healing feels too hard, I encourage you to commit to it. Do not give up. Continue to rely on the Lord and trust that He will complete the work that He’s begun in your life.

Commit to your healing process.

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