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Be Still And Know

A few moments ago, I was reminded by God to be still. I had been feeling scatterbrained all day, trying my best to focus on the next thing. If it wasn't schoolwork, then it was my personal writing. On top of that, I had been ruminating over my future, wondering if the things that I had been praying to God for would ever come to pass. It was a complete mess. Have you ever had days like this? Days when you just feel completely in over your head and it's a challenge to deal with everything? Well, that was my reality today. When I finally allowed myself some time to stop, I decided to go outside for a walk in my father's garden. As I walked the familiar concrete path, I began to think more about my life and how not much about it made sense in this season.

As I walked outside, I spoke to God about the burdens on my heart, until I arrived at a large clearing at the back of the yard. I especially enjoy sitting in this area because I can look out at the ocean. As I stood in the warm evening sun, desperately trying to sort through all of the thoughts in my head, I heard the Holy Spirit remind me of two simple words, "Be still". As soon as I heard them, I felt a mixture of peace in my heart and a deep knowing. I knew that it was God reminding me to just be still and stop trying to figure everything out on my own. I knew that it was Him reminding me that it wasn't my job to figure my life out, nor was it my job to know every single detail of my life. What I needed to do was let it all go, and trust that He has it in His hands. He reminded me that instead of trying to strive and fix things in my life on my own, what I needed to do was to be still and trust Him enough to take care of it. At that moment of realization, I looked out at the water and felt assured that God is in complete control, so much that when He says "Be Still" to the wind and waves, they obey Him. If the wind and waves answer to His command to be still, how much more should we? His beloved children.

I don't know what you're facing right now. Like me, you may be trying to figure your life out, and failing miserably. Or, you may be walking through some other challenging situation and little by little, you find yourself losing your ability to endure. If that is you, I encourage you to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). I love that verse because it reminds me that He is God and I am not. Oftentimes, I try to take the place of God, attempting to fix my life and figure things out on my own. But, I’ve realized that this is why I often find myself overwhelmed and weary. God doesn't want this for His children; He wants us to be still, realizing that He is in control and we can trust Him, completely.

Go for a walk, log off of social media, place your phone on silent. Find time today to be still in His presence and allow Him to speak peace into your weary soul. Be still and know that He is God.

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